We couldn’t complete this website without a few dedications to all the wonderful creative people who made this possible…

Firstly thank you to Chris Dicken of Random River, website maestro, for putting this wonderful site together which does justice to our beloved house Casa Bellavista.

A truly huge thank you to Alberto Pizzetti and his lovely wife Manuela.  They were the architects and project engineers who worked tirelessly on this project to help turn a derelict wreck of a ‘rustico’ into our dream home, even though in the beginning it must have seemed like a mission impossible. They interpreted all our ideas perfectly, even down to the ‘must have’ roof terrace which is the first of its kind in this village, but probably won’t be the last we’re sure.

Their attention to detail and innate perfectionism was the main reason we chose Alberto and Manuela to work on this project. It also helped that they didn’t view us as the crazy English with crazy ideas! Well maybe a little! As we both had businesses of our own to run back in England, they project managed everything for us seamlessly.

Alberto’s portfolio of work as an architect is magnificent, from apartments and houses to villas, hotels and even churches and if you’re thinking of doing a renovation project in this region we can’t recommend him enough.

Manuela was a terrific support to us throughout the whole project, helping us source materials and find the fixtures and fittings for the house. We would like to think that the four of us made a great team. So thank you Alberto and Manuela.

Alberto and Manuela

An equally big thank you goes to Mr Roberto Ferrari the builder and his team of hardworking men, plus all the other tradesmen and suppliers that helped us renovate Casa Bellvista. When you visit Casa Bellavista you will see that every part of the house has been renovated with such attention to detail, to the highest specification, using wonderful materials. Like Alberto, Mr Ferrari is a perfectionist, making sure that everything was just as we wanted with the assistance of his ever handy spirit level.

Roberto Ferrari

A special mention also for Mr and Mrs Rancini who designed and supplied the beautiful kitchen, and make us wish we had such a nice kitchen back in England!

We must also mention Homes In Italy, without whom we would never have found our beautiful rustico. If you’re looking for a place to buy or renovate in Italy, you really ought to start by looking at their website.

Thank you to all the lovely local restaurants in and around Stresa for making us such wonderful food for us on our trips over to see our house.

Many many thanks to all our neighbours in Someraro who have made us feel so welcome from the moment we arrived, despite turning the middle of their lovely village into a building site. I’m sure they all breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was finally finished!

Finally, our heartfelt thanks goes to Michael Gillott, a perfect father and father-in-law.  Our inspiration. Our best friend. Our hero. You were the reason for all of this. You loved Italy and spoke the Italian language with the fluency and grammatical accuracy of a native. You first took me over to Italy when I was just 13 years old. From that moment I was hooked.  We wish with all our hearts that you were here today to share the beauty of Casa Bellavista with us.  May your calm and gentle soul float gently through our Italian home as we hold you close to us always….Thank you for all that you gave to us in your lifetime. Always in our hearts. Always and forever missed…

Michael Gillott